Let’s talk about you.

You work in tech: devops, development, data or blockchain.

You might be actively looking for a new job right now, in Sydney, or further afield in APAC.

What's your next move?

You work in tech: DevOps, Development, Data or Blockchain.

You might be actively looking for a new job right now, in Sydney, or further
afield in APAC.


Or perhaps you’re happy enough where you are – if a little overworked,
undervalued or uninspired.


Either way, your skills are in demand.

You’re probably tired of receiving automated emails from recruiters for
completely unsuitable roles.


If you could use some perspective on your career from someone who
understands exactly what you do all day, we’d love to talk.


Cloud Recruit has the specialist knowledge of the tech recruitment market
to help you understand your true worth and to advise on how you can
develop your career.


And, when you are ready for a new challenge, we’ll tap into our extensive
connections to help you make the right move – not just financially but
personally and professionally as well. 

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Struggling to find talent?


We are specialist within the Cloud & DevOps space. Giving you the chance to speak with clients and candidates.


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What people say about us

Fabio S.

Senior Systems Engineer

"My partnership with Shaun goes back a few years and I couldn't be happier with the support and professionalism dedicated by Shaun in every aspect of our business relationship. I strongly recommend Shaun’s recruitment skills for everyone after the best in the market."

Sam W.

Cloud Project Manager

"Over the years, Shaun's talent has allowed my career to grow rapidly with each new role. His personable, reliable and knowledgeable traits set a new benchmark by which myself, and my employers rely on - and readily recommend to others."

Gaya J.

 Senior DevOps Engineer

"In my experience, Shaun is a standout from the crowd. He listened and understood when I was not ready to move on but occasionally kept checking with me. Finally, he found me an excellent opportunity that matches my skills and working expectations. Shaun is personable and keen on understanding what works for you. Highly recommended."

Murry H.

 Senior Systems Engineer

"Shaun's commitment to placing the right person in the right position is a skill that is rarely found today, he genuinely cares about a clients career progression and goes out of his way to help his clients realize their goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

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Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:30

We are people, people.

Let's grab a coffee and talk through your goals.



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